Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this for "newbie" or "experienced" dog trainers?

A DogTrainerCoach.com membership is perfect for persons of all experience and skill levels. Each week's lesson is broken down into manageable steps for easy application. There is also "advanced" information that experienced dog trainers will find useful.

2. Are there any "hidden costs" in addition to my membership fees?

No, no hidden charges for your program.

3. Does my membership include personal coaching?

Of course, the answer is "yes". I will always be available to handle support requests via email or by phone.

4. Do I have to commit to the entire 12 months?

Of course not. While I don't think you'll want to do so, you may cancel anytime you want. You may either email me through the Contact Us link to the above left of this page or unsubscribe from PayPal.com directly for a prompt and courteous cancellation. Like I said, I don't think you'll want to do so after diving in to the training!

5. On what day of the week will I receive my weekly emails?

There isn't a set "day" of the week when lessons will arrive to your inbox. The autoresponder is setup to send out your lesson approximately every 7 days (sometimes there is a 24-48 hour difference in delivery, but you'll always receive a lesson each week).

6. When I complete all 52 lessons will there be a certificate or some evidence to show that I have successfully completed a quality training program?

Yes, you will get a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program.

If you have any other questions that might be benefical to visitors of the site (and yourself, of course!) please email me through the Contact Us button.

Best regards,

Wayne Booth
Canine Behavior Specialists Network

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